Thursday, 18 September 2008

R.I.P Cricut Expression!

My Cricuit Expresssions has died (R.I.P), I cried, I've only had it 4 weeks - a late birthday pressie.

My story....It cut out the leaf card I put together on DS perfectly, but when I went to reload it to cut out the insert sheets, there was no power. I simply thought that it turned itself off, but I hadn't taken that long! I started it again, the green light glowed around the on button, but there was nothing else, no boot-up etc.


But it's not all bad news, because I bought this machine where my sister works, and they are going to order in another and do a straight swap, it is however the first expressions they've had gone faulty. My bacon's saved, but I have to wait three weeks for my weekend off to come around again to drive the 200 miles to my mum's to carry out the exchange! Good job baby bug is here, therefore creativity lives on, in smaller designs!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sorry UR Leaving Card

Designed on DS using Storybook and Speaking of fall, fits into a 5" by 7" envelope. I made this card for a colleague who will be starting her new job/role working in the community. Wishing her all the best.

I have included the cut file for downloading simply click on the title.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

3D High Chair 100% Cricut

I designed this highchair on the DS using George and Basic Shapes and Street Sign cartridges, the ideal gift for a new born.

To download the cut file simply click on the title.

Friday, 5 September 2008

3D Parasol Card

I made this to show how the parasol looks on a card. I have show 4 pictures so you can see how it looks from all angles. This parasol was cut at 3 inches, cut pattern available by clicking on the title, and the skewer cut at 5.5 inches.

Rainbow Photo's............

While out in the garden on Wednesday 3rd September-cutting the grass as one does, when you can!!! The weather couldn't make its mind up! we had a couple of mild showers followed by strong sunshine. I just had to take a picture of this rainbow as the colours were so striking against the darkened sky.

Seeing a rainbow has always made me feel good on the inside from a young lass, it's like the calm afer the storm!