Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rucksack shaped card cut file

Designed for returning back to school but never used, buried within my files! Designed using GBS.

Cut file:

Peppa Pig and little brother George ..oink cut files

Designed for another venture no longer going ahead, here are the cut files for peppa pig and her brother George. Designed using GBS, you will need to outline them over the top to get the desired effect. There are 2 of George one a little bigger than the other.

Peppa Pig:

Bunny Behind with or without ears! Cut file

Watching the rabbits at work roam free within the grounds and hiding as soon as you approach them gave me the idea for this design, this can be used for hiding in eggs, in the grass or even poking out from a rabbit hole! Designed using GBS

Cut file with:
Cut file without:

Police items cut file

Designed using GBS.

Cut file:

Camera cut file

Based on the camera from Going Places.

Cut file:

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bunny shaped card

Designed in DS using George and Basic Shapes cart, Inspired by Regina Easter's card, which was posted in the cricut design studio forum by another member just in time for Easter!! To see Regina's designs please click upon her name.

Cut File:

Large Flip flop cut file

Designed using Geroge and Basic Shapes size is 4" by 8", ideal for an invitation!

Cut File:

Ratatouille Rem and Emile cut files

I was asked by a well liked member of the cricut forum Jen C to design these characters for another member, so I took the challenge, normally I would put faces on using DS but this time I decided that they would look better doodled, so have left them blank. Please enjoy them, as much as I did designing them. Although not identical to the pictures, I am happy with the outcome!

Cut file Rem:

Cut file Emile:

Fish bowl and fish cut file

Inspired by animal kingdom and designed in DS using GBS.

Cut file:

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Shell's wedding cards

Shell made these cards in a cricut class she taught. Fancy heart gate fold card, frame off-cut from scollop square and used on the 2nd card, they have a double aperture insert, designed using the wedding cart.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Alarm clock cut file

Designed using GBS, this little project has endless possibilities! Thinking out of the box that is!!

Cut file:

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Here's Fifi of the flower tots

Fifi was designed using Plantin Schoolbook. I have moved the flower on her dungarees since I welded all the shapes together which can be seen on the outline Fifi picture.

Cut file:

Monday, 9 March 2009

My interpretation of Bumble from the Flower Tots

What do you think/ Made in DS using Plantin School Book cart. For his wings, I thought these could be cut of acetate and embosed upon, pretty please with him.

Cut file:

It's a dogs birthday!

My DD wanted me to make Gracie our chocolate Labrador a couple of birthday cards as she has reached her first birthday. For these cards I have used Paper Pups; Pooh Font and GBS carts, Alyssa wrote in her best hand writing in her card and sang happy birthday to Gracie who just looked at her funny!!! What do you think?

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Piscasa web Album

Please be sure to check out this site, I just popped over to Kim's blog and it was linked to this Picasa web album where you can download lots of lovely images in black and white and then print and colour them. These pictures will need to be resized in a picture editing programme as they are rather large, but they are ideal to be printed and coloured making wonderful editions to your cards. There are also tips and hints on different techniques, well worth a visit just click on a picture and there are more delights to be revealed! Click here!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Piggy Bank!

Designed on DS using GBS, for my DD, to go on the front of a tin for which she is using to collect coppers, small change!

Cut file:

Happy Easter

I designed the bunny on the design studio, and he is put together in a layered format to give him dimension. I embossed 2 panels of white card and used paper from 'Nana's Kids Pad', this was for both the boarder and the flowers which I cut out individually. The card measures 5" by 7", added a pompom for the tail; ribbon; jewels and fabric flowers/brad to embellish. The lettering was used using Plantin Schoolbook cart at 0.75".

Cut File:

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Owl's miss U card using my latest cut file..

I have made yet another leaving card for a colleague at work, the cut file that I designed worked nicely. It was a hoot to make, pardon the pun!

Cute owl cut file

Design using GBS, designed when I read that someone wanted an owl on the cricut forum, but they have since aquired one, so not to let this little fella go to waste here he is to share with all who would like him. Can be used ith or without wings.

Cut file: