Friday, 19 May 2017

Hair Accessories

I have been making hair accessories for little girls, mainly for friends and for gifts those within my own family as I do not advertise with working full time I haven't got the time! Just love seeing bows in little girls hair.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My where has the time gone?

I have just realised that I have neglected my blog for a number of years...a lot has changed!

I am now married to the most wonderful man I have ever known, he treats me like a queen, although am far from it!

My husband built me a log cabin in the back's my sanctuary, crafting heaven...4 metres squared and packed full of my crafting supplies!

I have recently taken up crochet after suffering from a life threatening condition...I had 4 months off sick and created the most wonderful critters ever! I even managed to get them published twice, in the magazine the patterns came from each time winning a prize!

I also did a spot of knitting and made a quad of bunnies:

I love to sew, have been creating mini outfits for the littlelies, they look so cute!

I have also made a keepsake for my sister who had twins, and made them a toy box...which I filled to the top full of playful goods...she cried when she received these!

In the past few weeks I have been making cards using a variety of toppers from The Hobby House:

As you can see, I have been a tad busy, I will attempt to keep the blog updated...I hope there is some inspiration for you among these creations! 

Have a good day no matter where you are! 😊 xx  

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pram/stroller Nappy/diaper cake

Designed for a work colleague same as the card in the post previous to this! This took a long time to complete (12hrs) due to the waiting for paint to dry effect! The body of the pram/stroller was made by recycling a shoe box, ideally I needed 2 but I only had the one so had to be creative! I used the lid of the box to make the pram/stroller hood, I them glued a piece of card over the top of the lid to create an arch and then glued card down the sides, once all dry and in place. I decopatched the whole box, hood and all with printing paper then once dried I painted it pink (give away to the babies sex!). The handle was also recycled - made from the inside tube from wrapping paper cut down the middle, rolled tighter and adhered to the box by brads and hot glue and wrapped in ribbon.

The cake comprised of:

40 nappies/diapers these made the wheels
Roses and fur to decorate the wheel centres
Fluffy blanket.
Fluffy rabbit toy
Cotton wrap cloth (over the pram/stroller hood)
Baby vest/onesie
2 baby bottles
Cuddly Cat - dressed in babies sleep suit and bib
Mouse rattle
Babies first socks
Drool cloths
and a bath thermometer
Ribbon to decorate

The best thing about this gift was the pram/stroller had bounce!

Hope you like it! Mum to be Chantelle did! Pic shows her reaction!

Leaving to have a baby card

I designed this card for a work colleague who left today to enjoy maternity leave before her baby arrives on or around 26th December. Just over 4 weeks. She will be dearly missed as she is the receptionist! A smile to greet you everyday (Mon-Fri anyway).  The card was designed using new arrivals on the cricut cut at 7inches tall (I cut 2 and cut a hole in the bump of the second one and placed a photo of her scan within. I designed the leaving to have a baby using Scrap Artist and the silhouette of the pregnant woman was taken from:
which I placed facing left and right throughout the page. I matted and layered it onto card, inked the edges, added ribbon, made three bows which desended in size. To get the effect. Am very happy with how the card turned out, and the reaction on the mum to be's face was a picture.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

To my groom card wedding card

I was commissioned to design and make a card for a friend who was getting married on 5th November. She asked for an elegant card without the fluffy look! Which also captured fireworks night!

Right a challenge, I was up for it!  Here is what I came up with.........a trifold card on its side. Added an extra panel. A few embellishments and whallah!