Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Baby Boy Star Card

I designed this card for my work colleague to present to his wife as a keepsake, designed using the Gypsy and New Arrivals cart; 2 x cute boy decoupaged; lace to edge pages; buttons; pearls; ribbon (with tiny hands and tiny feet written on it); silver lettering stickers; white rub ons; charms - shoes and a teddy bear on chains; and lastly a framed picture of the baby in a tag! I like how this card turned out!

21st Birthday Card - Girly yet different!

I was crazed by a work colleague to make her a card, after knowing her for well over a year here is what I came up with, what pleased me most was the staffs reactions, they all agreed this card was my colleague 'girly' but not childish! Designed using the Gypsy Micky Mouse font for the numbers; Indie art for the key, roses, inked using distress inks - tinted rose/black; skittles; and stickers for the lettering.

Alyssa's Baby Girl Duck card

Lyssi made this card with a little help from her mum for my neighbour. I was well impressed with her writing, so too was Evie's mom! Well done Lyssi! x

Lil Girl 2 piece outfit and Baby Boy Onesie card!

I designed these cards using the new arrival cartridge from cricut! These cards were made to go with the nappy/diaper cakes! In the post previous to this! each card had an envelope designed from card to prevent them from spoling in the post!

For this card I added lace, metal embellishments (hands and feet) , ribbon (ribbon on the card read tiny hands and tiny feet!) and stickers.

For the boy onesie card I added stickers and rub ons, stickles and inked/doodled a little around the edges! 

NappyDiaper Cakes, for lil' him and for lil' her!

The cake apart from nappies/diapers has, a towel; pram blanket (knitted by my neighbour and has a teddy face); dribble cloth/bib; books x3; teddy bear dressed in 3 months size onsie/trousers and socks (that say on both the socks and onsie - 'born to ride'); steering wheel toy that makes sounds; soft toy dog; jingle ball; and a snuggle cloth which is visible on the back view! Then of course you have the ribbon, and feathers for detail! This cake was designed for a work colleague, baby Jacob arrived 24th March 2011. 


I made this nappy/diaper cake for my next door neighbour, again apart from the three tiers of nappies/diapers the cake comprises off: Baby towel; dribble clothes/bibs; board book; soft rattle; Soft pink teddy dressed in a baby designer outfit (dress with pettycoat and matching head band); socks (with the outline of shoes on them); shoes; a snuggle cloth which is visible on the back view! Then of course you have the ribbon plain white and then pink which reads tiny hands and tiny feet; roses and feathers for detail! Baby Evie was born end of February 2011.