Friday, 21 March 2008

100% Cricut, 3D Crib using George and basic shapes

This is the end result, making the crib using the layout previously added to this blog. Two were cut, placing the card pattern side down on one of the cuts to have the same pattern/colour all the way around.

The crib is held together with quickie glue and double sided tape.

There are four rectangles, these are used as stays for the mattress to lay upon, they were not creased down the middle but slightly off centre to ensure they held the mattress firmly in place. The mattress itself is made once the crib resembles one so the area required measuring, then using GBS was cut accordingly.

The mobile stem requires double sided sticky tape added, then wire fixed to the inside length of the stem, to allow flexible hanging of the mobile so not to droop!! There are 2 flowers, double thread was used to attach the fabric teddies. The flower itself was fixed to the stem using a brad, which allows for the mobile to turn slightly. Now to fix the stem of the mobile to the crib, 2 x velcro dots were used, one at the top of the crib edge and one at the bottom. All that was left was to add that personal touch and embellish! Thanks for looking.

Cut file available to download at


Anonymous said...

hi i absolutely adore your cot and would love to make one.Please could you email me your template as i cannot seem to download it my email is many thanks

Crazy For Scrapping said...

Thank you so much for sharing, this will make a wonderful placement on a table for the baby shower I am throwing for my sister-in-law, Thank you again

Anonymous said...

This creation is beyond words... what talent. I am in awe of your creativity and patience.

Thanks for sharing your cutfile

KarenT (MB)

Roxie said...

Wow Beautiful. This is just what I am looking for. The problem is I am unable to download the file. It is saying something about a date problem. Could you please send the file to my emial addres, and hopefully it will allow me to open it up. Thanks Roxy

Angela said...

Hiya!This cot is amazing.Ive been looking for this design for ages so was thrilled to find it on your site.I cant seem to open the file however so im wondering if you could email the template to me.I would really appreciate it.You are a very talented girl & I will be spreading the word about your site to all my crafting buddies.Cheers,Angie.