Friday, 27 June 2008

Medical Implements used by nurses and doctors!

I made the following items using design studio with George and Basic Shapes Cart, after reading a fellow Cricut MB members thread, whose daughter has just past her boards to become a nurse.

The following cut files can be downloaded on the following links:
Temp Guage:


"Um Buggin" said...

Hi Ruth, these are just darling little instruments. I could have used these a couple of weeks ago when I was making cards for the St. Judes card drive. lol I am sure I will be using them on some of my cards I plan on creating while I'm on vacation. Thanks for the sharing and caring.


"uM Buggin"

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much. My mum is a retired nurse, I am sure she can use these in her scrapping!!

Anonymous said...

I spend LOTS of time in Dr'd office or in the hospital. These are wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
Marian N.