Friday, 15 August 2008

Many folds-Happy Birthday Card

I made this card for my daughters friend, whose having her 6th birthday tomorrow. Alyssa is so looking forward to her party-she definitely has a better social life than I do!!!!!!

My Sister Shell showed me how to make this card after she saw it in a The Making Cards craft magazine, only available in craft shops here in the UK.

Instructions to make this card

1. A4 piece of card, leave the length but measure and cut the width to 18 cms, and mark on the reverse side of the card at 9 cms (to score down length).
2. Length, measure on the reverse side-each edge at the following intervals, 9 cms (to score across width); 8.5 cms (guide only); and again at 15.5 cms (guide only), the later 2 are to make the valley/mountain folds in the card.
3. Score both in the length and width at the 9 cm markings.
4. Use a ruler and place it on both the 15.5 cms measurement on one edge and on the 8.5 cm on the other edge, score from the 15.5 cm mark to the middle only. Repeat on the other edge.
5. Bend the mountain folds upwards, with the wrong side of the card facing you.
6. You now have the template to make the card how you would like it, remember to rub out the pencil marks!


shelly said...

oh how neat of a fold! and that princess stamp.. now thats just way to cute!

Ruelysi said...

Sorry Shelly, not a stamp. I cheated and it's a sticker that I used!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Um Buggin" said...

This is such an unique card Ruth. I love the different angles on it, and thank you, and your sister for the directions on how to make this. You amaze me with all those hidden talents you have. TFS
Your friend,

"Um Buggin"