Monday, 4 August 2008

Pop-up Graduation card

I made this card after watching the following:

Using the design studio and both Locker Talk and George, Basic shapes cartridges the following is my take on this card. I designed the tassel myself using silks, looks a little better than string! To download the cut file just click on the title.


Stephaniee said...

Great job!!!

Saige/Grace said...

Ruth -

I think I may have offended you on the Cricut Message Board a little while back. I am sincerely sorry. Please know that I admire you in so many ways. I bow to your profession; what skills and understanding it must take to be a nurse with that specialty. Your crafting skills are among THE BEST I've seen; and I've seen a lot. You are a talented person in so many ways & I wanted to let you know you have my undying admiration.

--Grace at

Ruelysi said...

No Offence taken, if you have offended me in anyway I don't know what for either!!!! Thanks for the kind comments. Rue