Sunday, 26 October 2008

3D Handbag- Bon Voyage

Made on Cricut Big E, using Tags, Bags and Boxes together with Storybook cartridges, running out of ideas for leaving cards, as lately at work I have had quite a run on them. I decided therefore to make a handbag as my dear colleague whom I'll miss dearly loves her shoes and bags. For my other fellow colleagues to leave messages I made up a 'message tag ring' and decorated it with ribbons, the messages will be similiar to having autographs yet so personal and they fit nicely into the bag. I used docrafts core card-when sanded reveals another colour, and gives the desired effect.


"Um Buggin" said...

I'm lovin this! What a great idea with the litttle tags for everyone to say goodbye. A keepsake for life! Such a great idea. TFS


Jen said...

Adorable Rue! I'll have to try this for sure!

Caleb said...

How cute! Tammy