Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Card portfolio

I had to share this with all: I was approached by one of my work colleagues to provide him with a portfolio of a variety of card samples, for him to take with him back to London - to show not only members of his church who he thinks will love them, sending them to their families in different countries; but to special boutique shops specialising in hand crafted gifts.

He was impressed with the recent cards that I have made for colleagues moving on to better things, and told me I was in the wrong profession!!!

I took his comments but beleive I'm equally good at both my job and hobby! I am considering his offer to make a selection of cards just to see what the reaction would be!!

Well, it wont hurt!!


Anonymous said...

that is fantastic ruth, you really deserve something great to come out of that, your work is beautiful, will have my fingers crossed for you,love loopylou from the cricut mb xxxx

Fi said...

You must be very proud - you should make the cards and send to him because your cards are wonderful.