Monday, 1 December 2008

3D Village card from Noel Cart.

My sister Shell made this in a cricut craft class she taught in Grimsby the other week, she was so impressed by the end result that and wanted to share it with others, as she is presently not connected to the internet, I told her that I would add it to my blog.

2 Strips stuck together facing other 2 strips like so:

White card 14cm x 8cm stuck to back flaps, black card 5cm x 8cm stick to front flaps:

Card 16cm x 14.6cm, score at 4cm & 8cm cut into 4 - 4cm x 14.6 strips. Valley fold score lines, place 2 strips back to back sticking the 6.8cm lengths together, repeat with other 2. Lay wth folds facing each other, white card 14cm x 8cm stick the 4cm flaps flush wth bottom, 5cm x 8cm black stick to front flaps.

Black card for behind houses 1 & 2 @ 6.8cm x 8cm; behind church 8cm x 10cm; behind snow tree 5cm x 8cm, and whitecard for snow, add glitter for sparkle.

House 1; house 2; church; lamppost; & trees all cut @ 3 inches. Snow tree cut @ 3.5 inches.

The village folds flat and fits inside a C5 envelope, when stood it's a little shorter, the messages go on the back of the white card.


Kazz said...

WOW this is gorgeous!!!!! it looks so complicated!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! How do you fold it to mail it?

YorkshireKaren said...

Gorgeous card, I don't have the cart yet but it's going on my list! Please say thanks to your sister for sharing

HappyHappyJoyJoy said...

Your blog is FABULOUS! Everything is SO gorgeous on here! I am speechless at some of the Christmas cards, in particular! Also, I love your personal story - you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this! Joy