Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Shells Storybook card.

General card Instructions: This is based on a star card, front, back and five double pages with a fairy story running throughout. Star card- white layer 10cm by 20cm x5, blue layer 10cm by 19cm x5. Each layer is folded in half and 1 blue is glued at the edges to the white so there is gap between the folds, the 5 v's are stuck at the edges and about 1cm from the spine. Double mat 9cm by 9cm and 8cm by 8cm, ribbon is stuck under the bottom mat. Once upon a time is cut from gabs 1" slotted and stuck to the front, gems and ribbon to decorate.

Instructions Page 1: White pearl acrylic paint was used to make the clouds then outlined in silver gel pen. The main part of the book is from paper dolls. The border, 1.5" headwear-border in green the border is only stuck at the edges to add a third layer to the book. 3" dragon(knight-acc2) in green(lighter shade) dark green and pink chalk to add detail and dimension, fine line pen for the eye. 3" castle(acc 3 princes) in grey, shimmer chalk and fine line pens in brown and blue to add detail. 2.5"tag gabs attached to ribbon stuck to the inside blue layer, far far away in a caste guarded by a fierce dragon, done on the computer I used chiller font.

Instructions: page 2: Border 1.5" border-s tabs in green The princess, 3" doll body-s acc2, the dress was cut out twice card stock and vellum(lower part cut off) with flat pearls, shoes acc2, crown princes-s headwear in gold mirror paper with stick on gems, hair bride headwear in brown, necklace genie-s acc1 in gold mirror paper. Pink chalk on the cheeks, glitter gel pens for the eyes and lips. Frogs- princes acc2 and witch-s acc1. The tag reads- lived a beautiful princess, and her only friend’s two frogs!

Instructions: page 3: Border 1.5" border tabs in green. The knight, 3" body (pink chalk for the cheeks, blue gel pen for the eyes), hair in brown, the armor and helmet cut out in grey card with 3D gloss to make it shiny. The horse 3" knight-s acc2 in brown 2 shades, 1 for tail, hair and mane detail. Tag reads a brave knight heard of the lonely princess and came to rescue her.

Instructions: page 4: 3" knight as page 3 with lance knight-s headwear cut out in silver mirror card and grey for the handle. 3" dragon as page 1, the fire was cut out by hand in silver mirror card and coloured in with peel of pens in yellow, orange and red to look like fire, the end is folded to make a tab and stuck behind the muscle so it moves as the page opens. The tag reads He battled hard to slay the fierce fire breathing dragon!

Instructions: Page 5: 1.5 border headwear. 3" castle as page 1 Princess as page 2, flowers princes-s acc2 in pink with green gel pens for the stems and leaves. Prince, 3" body (pink chalk cheeks, gel pens for lips and eyes), brown hair, green tunic(prince-s), dark brown trousers(prince), pale brown boots(prince acc1), belt in brown and gold mirror paper(prince-s acc1), crown with gems (prince-s headwear) The tag reads The Knight freed the Princess, and they lived happily ever after. All characters and the castles are stuck to the border part so they stand off the blue

Instructions: The back cover: Mats as front, with ribbon underneath mats so the book can be tied, gabs the end in 1.5" slotted. With gems and ribbon detail. The book is now complete, to add a personal touch the name of a Knight or Princes can be added through the story.

Shells Winter Scene card made it to the Cricut Chirp!!

Now I am well impressed with my Sister, her card was linked in the cricut board section of the Chirp, I am a little jealous though as now she hit the chirp twice first in the 100th edition with her very first post-story book, and now again in edition 136!!! Not really jealous, I'm proud of her, well done Shell. X

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Girls T-bar shoe

I designed this shoe on the design studio using George n Basic Shapes, it is to go on top of a nappy/diaper cake I'm making for a work colleague. Unfortunately I had to add the T-bar separately due to the cut in the shoe, but I am please with the overall look.

Cut File: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?laauzzqnxld

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Snowman card cut file..

Christmas snowman card designed using Alphalicious and Christmas Cheer Carts, for the expressions.

Cut file: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4jggdojdtzu

Party Invitation cut file using @ sign....

I designed this party invitation using the @ sign so when people open the card, the address/location is on the inside! Alphalicious and Celebration carts have been used to design this cut file.

Cut file: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5mnj5yjirmi

11 inch Christmas cracker cut file

This cut file is to fit the snaps I've just purchased on ebay but only able to cut on the expressions due to the size. I am going to make cracker gifts for my daugter to give to her friends this christmas.

Just click on link and download the file: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1ngzgbhqmtj

Monday, 1 December 2008

Cricut Acrylic Calendar Album

My sister Shell made this to show the customers in the shop that its not only cards you can make using your cricut, calenders too!

* 8 x 8 cm Acrylic sheets x 6.
* On each one she has ripped/torn, sanding, aswell as scrunching then sanded 8 x 8 cm core colour card stock.
* Shell used making the grade alphabet.
* Contrasting colours for each page.
* Leaves are from stretch your imagination, and the same leaves on another page have been cut usung the silhouette function.
* Moon and stars are from paper dolls.
* The holly is from stretch your imagination boarder.
* Glitter has been added to the flowers and wings.
* Walk in my garden for flowers and ladybug.
* Flower petals have been edged inked.
* Printed off the calender months on the computer, and decorated it accordingly.

I'm gonna be a bear!

Santa Silhouette card

This is the second card my sister Shell taught in her cricut card class. Simple yet effective.

A5 apparture card. Message completed in silver shadow, & base black. Santa & reindeer cut @ 2.5 inches in matt black, blackout santa & reindeer cut @ 2.5 inches in silver. Trees cut @ 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1.25 and 1 inches. Sparkle black card put behind the apparture to give the night sky that twinkle of stars look!

3D Village card from Noel Cart.

My sister Shell made this in a cricut craft class she taught in Grimsby the other week, she was so impressed by the end result that and wanted to share it with others, as she is presently not connected to the internet, I told her that I would add it to my blog.

2 Strips stuck together facing other 2 strips like so:

White card 14cm x 8cm stuck to back flaps, black card 5cm x 8cm stick to front flaps:

Card 16cm x 14.6cm, score at 4cm & 8cm cut into 4 - 4cm x 14.6 strips. Valley fold score lines, place 2 strips back to back sticking the 6.8cm lengths together, repeat with other 2. Lay wth folds facing each other, white card 14cm x 8cm stick the 4cm flaps flush wth bottom, 5cm x 8cm black stick to front flaps.

Black card for behind houses 1 & 2 @ 6.8cm x 8cm; behind church 8cm x 10cm; behind snow tree 5cm x 8cm, and whitecard for snow, add glitter for sparkle.

House 1; house 2; church; lamppost; & trees all cut @ 3 inches. Snow tree cut @ 3.5 inches.

The village folds flat and fits inside a C5 envelope, when stood it's a little shorter, the messages go on the back of the white card.