Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Wowsers another award!

Thankyou to a very talented lady who gives 100% to all her fabulous creative designs, I'm privledged to receive this award from Lillie , it is greatly received and I a great start to 2009, thankyou.

Now, I have to list 5 addictions, and pass this on to 5 more fabulous blogging friends. This is a tough task, so much talent out there so few places!! Here goes!

My addictions, 1. Spending money on crafting/clothes for my daughter-Ok in general!! ~2. Watchin Bones the series ~3. The gym/toning beds!!! ~4. Internet surfing ~5. Walking great for removing those daily cobwebs!!!

And now to choose 5 blogs, well many I visit already have received this award, so here are the ones I have choosen.

1. Jason
2. Kazan
3. Deborah
4. Linda
5. Tomi Annie

There are so many people who's work inspires me that it's hard to limit giving this award to so few. To the people I have nominated you are all incredibly talented and please accept this award, for my recognition of that.


Jen said...

*APPLAUSE* Great job Rue! Well deserved :o)

Scrappindad said...

First, An award well deserved here on your blog - well done!

Second, thanks for recognizing me and passing the kindness along. Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog!

kazan said...

Thank you so much Rue! I am so glad you enjoy my blog - makes all the effort worth it :)
I had a look at your blog too and it is Fabulous - so well deserved.
Have a great day

DEBORAH said...

Congrats on your well deserved award and thank you for recognizing my blog.