Thursday, 9 April 2009

Woburn - White rabbit!

With it being the Easter Holidays and the children are off from school, we decided to take Alyssa and Paris to the Safari Park at Woburn, the children loved it, but were no way surprised that we were driving through the park and the animals roaming freely. They wanted to get out and pet the animals.

Alyssa saw an Albino Kangaroo, on seeing it piped up 'core look at that large rabbit'! Well we were at the time facing it front on and it was sitting back on it's back legs eating a carrot between its front paws, you could see how see came to her conclusion. Bless!


Snatertje said...

wow beautiful white "rabbit" I can see why she tought it was a rabbit.

Hug linda

Anonymous said...

Her comment made me smile :0)

PJ (Jessie Adams)

Anonymous said...

That is amazing. Looks like a giant white rat. Cant help but think its the cutest thing ever. Thanks for sharing.