Friday, 14 August 2009

Double Slider Christmas card

My sister Shell showed me a card, and asked me to pull the ribbon on the right hand side of the card, to my awe the card expanded not just the right side but from the left side also. It reveiled a place where you write a message along with another picture. Shell then dismantled it to show me how this worked: recycled strip of plastic wrapped around the the third panel, having two separate cards slightly smaller than the actual card panels each then adheared to the plastic one faced up and the other faced downwards, closed together by a small flap adheared to the inside of the card, tucking the card peice into the flap before adhearing allowing the card peices to slide freely.

Instructions on how to make this card:

1. Cut a piece of card 38.5 cm x 23 cm
2. Score at the following intervals: 12.5 cm; 22 cm; and at 31.5 cm.
3. cut 2 pieces 17 cm x 11.5 cm
4. Cut a piece of plastic carrier bag measuring 6 cm x 46 cm
5. Wrap this around the end panel, which doesn't have the tuck flap on it and adhere into place - not to tight - to fit comfortably, remove any access.
6. Using double side sticky tape fix the side panels into place (good idea to carry out your layering before adhering). Place 1 facing up and the other facing down, check before securing to ensure in correct position!
7. Using double sided tape adhere to the flap, placing the side panel within the tuck to allow movement, and secure into place.
8. Decorate, and add ribbon / tassel to act as a pulley!


To cut away using a circle punch a semi circle in the middle of the end panel without the flap to allow for easy access to the ribbon / tassel

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! Love the papers and images you used.