Friday, 6 November 2009

How to write text in a circle!

I have been playing around in Word and its easy! A little time playing will make my cards much more personal!

Here’s what you do if you don’t already know!

1. Open a new document
2. Click on word art and decide what style you want, enter
3. Now decide on your style of font, enter
4. Now right click onto your wording and go to format word art play with the colour until it’s what you’re after.
5. Now click on your word art and you’ll see spots! Surrounding what you have just done.
6. The word art tool bar should now be visible, click on the icon with the uppercase A and lowercase b & c also know as Word Shape Art – alternatively hover over the icons and the names of the icons will pop up!
7. Choose your shape – from the many options available!
8. Then use the stretch facilities of the spots surrounding the image and drag into place.
9. Use the bottom corner spots to resize the text shape to the required size.
10. You need to now save your document but not as a word document but as a picture.
11. Copy and paste your design into a graphics or picture programme i.e. serif
12. Go to file, ‘export’, and change the format / file extension from whatever you have to a .jpg it will then save as a picture which will look great on all your cards and layouts.
13. Happy Crafting!!


Meeker said...

I left you some love on my blog. Stop by and pick it up!

Kim Eubank said...

Thanks for the information. Although for some reason, my computer will not let me save it as a .jpg. It won't let me save it in any picture format. Do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks for the instructions. I am going to try this!

Marjorie from TX

Nana Jo said...

Thank you for the information - I will have to try this.

Nana Jo

Anonymous said...

Wow ruth you are a STAR I have tried and tried to do this but you have made it sound so easy. Thanks Fiona

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Just what I wanted. Thank you so much!

Sara C's it - @saracsit said...