Friday, 18 June 2010

Cut files

Hello all

I know in the past my cut files have been available to download for free although I asked for donations to support all the effort which has been put into creating them. A few did support this, not many!

More recently since February this year I requested people support me in my weight loss challenge as well as raise funds for my choosen charity to aid in the good work going into Autism and requested people who download consider a donation to this worthy cause. Unfortunately I have only received one donation from a very nice person who visited my blog, the other donation was from a work colleague after they viewed my before and after 14 weeks photo's on facebook.

Yet the amount of downloads of my files have now peaked in at 42,000 + and my charity fund is a joke!  I'm not asking people to break the bank, I feel a donation of around £5 roughly 7.28 US dollars to this worthy cause for the cut file to be sent to your email.

To those interested in my files, please donate to support Autism; Link in the right hand side column under my weight loss marker, once you have placed a donation email me your name and email addy and I will send you the cut file. I receive emails when a donation has been received hence why I ask for names.

I thank you all for visiting my blog and hope you will understand why I stopped the free downloads.

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