Monday, 16 May 2011

Mad Hatters - Well one anyway!

On the 29th April the Royal Wedding day, the village where I live had a full day of activities put on for all in the community to come and enjoy.

There was a 'mad hatters', hat competition in the evening.

I dressed three hats, and the bowling green one won!!! My fella is the green keeper, he mows the lawn trying to keep it in tip-top condition; but he also plays bowls! Therefore the hat depicted him!

The hat was an old fishing hat, I used a donut ring and covered it in felt to make the green; I cut grass from card and placed this all around the donut to hide the edges of the felt, followed by a ribbon. I stuck 4 pom-poms on top of the green to depict 3 woods and the jack! I then designed and cut out the lawn mower using GBS on the Gypsy. Added brads for the wheels and ribbon, and embillishments.

The hat took just over an hour to design and put together and now stands proudly in the trophy cabinet of the bowls club!

Lyssi modelling the winning hat!

 Lyssi's hat, she was that proud of it she wore it all day!

My hat, the colours are very patriotic!

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