Sunday, 15 May 2011

Robotz 1st year Birthday card

This card was designed on the gypsy using the robotz cart, especially for a lil' boy who'll be turning one on the 20th May.

I used acrylic sheets 8" by 8" x 2 and thick (3mm) card x 2. I cover the card, one in robotz and the other in colourful card, the inside of the card I used plain card and edge them with cut offs.

The robot was cut at 5" and layered  up; the birthday lettering was at 1" ; the #1 at 1.5" all of which were adhered to the acrylic sheet.

The little boys name was cut at 0.7" and adhered to the robot page behind the acrylic sheet.

I used my Bind it (but fastened it back to front! Doh!) to hide my error I added multiple of ribbons 2" in length to it! I used a white pencil to hightlight areas; also wobble eyes to make it fun looking! 

On the inside of the card, I cut gears from off the robotz cartridge and embossed these using copper, brass and red, sticking the message  'Gear-riffic' to them also placing a picture of the little boy within. I cut another 5" blackout of the robot on the front of the card placing this inside for the message to be written upon.  2 further robotz at 2" were cut and adhered to the pages, as well as Birthday and some nuts and bolts(stickers) .

The box was made at 9" cm2 to allow room for the ribbons/binding, the lid was layered and again a blackout of the robot placed on the front for the giver to write the little ones name, along with a ribbon. The edges of the box on the insides were strengthened to make the box more durable.

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