Thursday, 24 November 2011

Leaving to have a baby card

I designed this card for a work colleague who left today to enjoy maternity leave before her baby arrives on or around 26th December. Just over 4 weeks. She will be dearly missed as she is the receptionist! A smile to greet you everyday (Mon-Fri anyway).  The card was designed using new arrivals on the cricut cut at 7inches tall (I cut 2 and cut a hole in the bump of the second one and placed a photo of her scan within. I designed the leaving to have a baby using Scrap Artist and the silhouette of the pregnant woman was taken from:
which I placed facing left and right throughout the page. I matted and layered it onto card, inked the edges, added ribbon, made three bows which desended in size. To get the effect. Am very happy with how the card turned out, and the reaction on the mum to be's face was a picture.

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