Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pram/stroller Nappy/diaper cake

Designed for a work colleague same as the card in the post previous to this! This took a long time to complete (12hrs) due to the waiting for paint to dry effect! The body of the pram/stroller was made by recycling a shoe box, ideally I needed 2 but I only had the one so had to be creative! I used the lid of the box to make the pram/stroller hood, I them glued a piece of card over the top of the lid to create an arch and then glued card down the sides, once all dry and in place. I decopatched the whole box, hood and all with printing paper then once dried I painted it pink (give away to the babies sex!). The handle was also recycled - made from the inside tube from wrapping paper cut down the middle, rolled tighter and adhered to the box by brads and hot glue and wrapped in ribbon.

The cake comprised of:

40 nappies/diapers these made the wheels
Roses and fur to decorate the wheel centres
Fluffy blanket.
Fluffy rabbit toy
Cotton wrap cloth (over the pram/stroller hood)
Baby vest/onesie
2 baby bottles
Cuddly Cat - dressed in babies sleep suit and bib
Mouse rattle
Babies first socks
Drool cloths
and a bath thermometer
Ribbon to decorate

The best thing about this gift was the pram/stroller had bounce!

Hope you like it! Mum to be Chantelle did! Pic shows her reaction!


Tahir said...

so cute bear and the color is fully matched with the pram
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Abby Diaper Cake said...

Oh wow! I love your stroller diaper cake! Can you write a tutorial on how to make one?

zunaira mehar said...

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