Saturday, 19 April 2008

Babies slipper

Made using the boy shoe cricut cut without the eyelets!!
As you can see, you get a different look the way you embellish them. Neat eh!!
Baby Shoes

Items you will need:

· Cricut & Design Studio and George Basic Shapes Cartridge
· Paper of your choice
· Craft Knife
· Scissors
· Glue
· Lace (optional)
· Embellishments of your choice


1. If the cut has been downloaded and you’re outside of the UK, please change the regional language/location from English/UK to your own.

2. Cut as you would normally using your design studio and Cricut-not gonna tell you how to suck eggs.

3. Cut two soles, hence the second page!

4. Fold and glue the small tabs around the base of the shoe on the wrong side, working from the front, line up the top of the show to the top of the sole, continue gluing all the tabs down both sides until you come to the join, place glue on the remaining piece of card and stick it down on the inside of the Shoe.

5. Neaten the shoe edge with a creasing/blunt tool.

6. You can either punch small holes down either side of the centre for lace up shoes; use peel offs to mimic laces or simply place embellishments of your choice on the front. You could even cut a small oval to resemble the shoe tongue!!

7. Embellish away!!!

8. If applying lace measure first around the sole of the shoe before cutting, saves waste!! Big believer!! Glue and attach.

9. Glue the second sole cut and glue over the lace, making sure it adheres securely.


1. Before gluing your shoes, if you have a cuttlebug, dry emboss them or with any other dry embosser!!

2. Again if you have Pergamano tools, prick a design into the shoes.

3. Use 3D liquid pearl paint and apply stickles to give your work dimension.

4. Admittedly there are thousands of embellishments to decorate these shoes, some include lace; ribbon; buttons; glitter/glues; whatever you can lay your hands on really.

5. For the really heavy embellishments, use strong glue ie: hot glue gun to secure fixture!!!
To download this cut file go to

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shelly said...

ruth i cannot find the words to describe these! breath-takingly know when you see something and youre just speechless...thats it with these shoes! you are SO VERY GIFTED! tfs all your work! shelly (cricut mb sister)