Saturday, 24 May 2008

For the Avid Gardener.....

I designed the watering can using the design Studio and George and basic shapes cartridge, put together a flower arrangement, using a selection of flowers, feathers, and beads. On the watering can I added ribbon (to hide the seams!) brads to fix the 2 handles, prima flowers, using brad buttons for the middles! and lastly some lace to give the effect of standing on a mat.
Watering Can Instructions

Items you will need:

· Cricut & Design Studio and George basic shapes
· Card of your choice
· Craft Knife
· Scissors
· Glue
Embellishments of your choice could include: flowers, ribbon, even sticker


1. If the cut has been downloaded and you’re outside of the UK, please go to the control panel on your PC and change the regional language/location from English/UK to your own.

2. Cut the file out as you would normally, using your design studio and Cricut.

3. Cut the handles (page 1) out twice; 1 handle for the top and the other for the side. Evenly crease twice down the length and glue; this will add strength to the handles.

4. Roll the funnel (page 4) and measure to the correct size by placing it into the funnel hole on the can body, angle the funnel and mark the funnel at the desired position. Remove the funnel and glue into place, ensure the seam is facing downwards. Cut at regular intervals on each end of the funnel, to make tabs.

5. Cut out the funnel end (page 6) measure onto the funnel and fix into place with glue.

6. Measure the diameter, half the measurement and use a compass to draw and cut out the funnel sprinkler. Glue into position.

7. Adhere the funnel onto the can body (page 5).

8. Crease all tabs on the top and base pieces. Glue both top and bottom simultaneously starting with the funnel at the front, placing the hole on the top piece to the front, above the funnel. Then glue the body ends, overlapping to give a neat finish.

9. Glue the top and bottom covers (page 7) onto the can to neaten.

10. Mark holes on the can where you want to position the handles using a piecing tool.

11. Use an eyelet puncher (the largest hole), make holes each end of the handles. The both handles require bending over and adhering to the can using large brads. Use a long handled tool to split the brads inside of the can and secure.

12. Make a flower arrangement, and drop it into the can via the hole on the top. Position the handle, then embellish away!

Happy Crafting


Anna said...

This is fantastic and so creative. I love all the flowers and feathers too.

P.S. I have fallen in love with your cute little dog. Can I have her ... please!

Marjorie said...

What a great job you did!

Donawanda said...

Very nice !!!!

Kathy said...

I love this as well as your other creations. Will the cut files be available for the rocking chair as well as the watering can?

Ruelysi said...

Both files have been sent, they are awaiting to be uploaded now by the people who have the shared templates site.