Friday, 23 May 2008

Meet Gracie

My daughter Alyssa wanted a companion, so when we moved I said she could have a puppy come Spring. Meet Gracie our lovely chocolate labrador - mind you Alyssa said "she's not chocolate she's real", sweet! As you can see Gracie loves water, my carpet didn't! Alyssa is so proud of our new addition that she is constantly talking about her at school, which helped her to improve on her progress. When Gracie has had all her Jabs, Alyssa has had permission to take her into school for a 'show and tell', as they are studying animals. She is so looking forward to doing this.


michelle said...

oh my gosh what an adorable puppy !!and i love your zip card great job !!

Bren said...

Awwww... What a cutie! Alyssa and Gracie are soooo cute together!

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zeragbi said...

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